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Creating world-class standards for theater in India

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Corporate Training

The training needs of a company are diverse and emergent. Moreover, the current trends dictate the need for maximum impact created in the most timely method possible. In such a scenario, drama and experiential learning become the pillar-stones of learning & organizational development, helping foster a more sensitive, evolved and involved workforce.

TPPL delivers need-based training modules that are created specifically for the client company. We create bespoke programmes for soft-skills, leadership skills as well as diversity and inclusion training through Drama and Theatre workshops that have established and recognized as one of the most powerful learning methodologies today because they are predicated on the involvement of the participant.

Our Workshops:

  • Get participants on their feet and actively engaged with each exercise
  • Make them experience learning rather than just being talked at or demonstrated to
  • Teach them to reflect, and through that, cultivate their ability to be life-long on-the-job learners

“If you cannot increase reflective power in people, you might as well NOT teach, because reflection is the only thing we have which allows knowing something to be assimilated for further use.”

– Dorothy Heathcote, The seminal authority on Drama’s role in learning.

To understand how we can contribute to the learning and enrichment of your employees and the development of your organization, do get in touch.