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Creating world-class standards for theater in India

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Our Work

Theatre Professionals came into being with the aim of creating world-class standards for theatre practice in India.

Our key contribution to this is to the use of training; to build a new breed of individuals who can practice theatre to a standard of professionalism and can develop full time careers using theatre as their primary skillset.

In the evolution of this training methodology, we have developed strong competencies in the field of drama based learning, and have begun to fully unleash the power of drama as a highly effective experience-based learning medium.  We now bring the best practices we have from the rehearsal room into numerous classrooms and boardrooms, to bring the benefits of learning through drama to as wide an audience as possible.

In the course of our 8 year career, our team of we have developed a very strong repertoire of drama based pedagogical methods. Which we now deploy in the following initiatives:

The Young People’s Theatre Programme that focusses on young learners and delivers learning journeys through drama to children as well as the people and organizations that work with them

Corporate Training where key organizational skills and behaviours are role-modeled, explored and dissected through drama-based modules

The Drama School, Mumbai where our team of highly-qualified faculty work to forge a new generation of actor-creator-entrepreneurs – individuals who will evolve to create the world-class standard for the stage that is our vision.

Please do go through our website to know more about how we can make drama to work for your needs.