Annie Ambily

What started off as an experiment in July 2014, surprisingly, ended up in Annie finding her passion in instructing speech and drama to children. As she became more involved with the children, she found herself in the shoes of a learner. Annie believes that the medium of drama can be constructively used in fostering the ideas of cultural expression, language learning, problem solving and interpersonal relations. According to her, just memorising physics formulas, maths equations etc., is not enough to create a better world. It is crucial to understand what our world is all about, and it is also essential to be self-confident and creative, have empathy and communication skills, collaborate with others, know how to solve problems, have fun sometimes and relax at others. Drama in education has the potential to do all this and more.

Annie has been a part of the Theatre Professionals family for 4 years now and considers herself extremely lucky to be working with such wonderful minds. She has been part of the Legacy School Bangalore for the fifth academic year currently, facilitating theatre classes across grades 1-10. She has also been collaborating with primary and high school teachers on implementing various interdisciplinary units like Global Perspectives, Science and Languages and been a part of their bi-annual event ’Kaleidoscope 18’ by directing the primary learners in their production and assisting the high school learners in theirs. She also supports our highly successful UDL program across the primary teachers in Legacy.