Breaking away from usual methods

Our Using Drama for Learning program for the middle school is aimed at helping teachers connect better with the 21st century learner.

Our Principal Coordinator, Kalyani Hiwale says, “ So far teachers were used to standing in front of the blackboard and teaching. Our drama tools teach them spatial awareness – how to move around the classroom while effectively giving instructions.”

Our program also challenges the teachers to adapt the drama tools introduced in the workshop to the regular curriculum. Kalyani adds, ”This will come with more practice. I recall in the secondworkshop there was one morning we devoted in trying out a theatre device called the Mantle of the Expert to get teachers to understand what it means to place yourself in someone else’s shoes. Their involvement and enthusiasm for the activity was incredible. Each group had to work on certain aspects so as to help the others when they were stranded on an island after a plane crash. They managed to make use of whatever resources were available to come up with some very creative solutions for food, shelter, a smoke signal, medical needs and entertainment  based completely on their imagination”