Drama and Multiple Intelligences

Sonya Baehr, Vice President, International Drama Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) was the keynote speaker for the “Kids Drama” Symposium in Chengdu, China held on December 1st, 2018.

Baehr’s speech focused onWhat does drama education have to offer that is so unique?” And how. Click here to read the transcription of her speech where she connects her ideas of drama in education with Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Founded in 1992, IDEA represents drama/theatre and education in a world context; they work with national and international organisations working in all fields relevant to education, especially education through the arts. IDEA is a collaboration of culturally diverse drama, theatre and education practitioners, artists, pedagogues and teachers, from around 90 countries.

In our quest for organisational excellence in the field of drama-in-education, we are committed to bringing the best practices from across the globe to the work we do with our schools. To this end we are proud members of IDEA, connecting with organisations and individuals working in the field of education, both in India and abroad.