“Creativity in education is as important as literacy, and we need to give it the same status”

Sir Ken Robinson, National Education Policy Maker

If you want to teach english literacy, the medium of instruction in your school is english. If you want to skill students with the capacity for creativity to the same level, the medium of instruction in the school needs to be creative. Drama speaks the language of creativity, and schools and their staff can be empowered with its tools and methods.

Our experience over the last 12 years with over 3000 teachers and 50+ schools, has proved that drama based methods are highly transferable and of great value to the educators who use them and bring about long lasting transformations to the learners who experience them. Our programmes are designed to permanently embed the capability for deploying drama based learning methods as a regular and ongoing part of the schools teaching and learning practices.

Creative play through drama in the Pre-primary

At this stage of a child’s life, active imagination, play, and creativity are the key drivers of learning. This program works with teachers and coordinators to maximize these three elements in their practice. In addition the program provides the department strategies to ensure these practices are firmly ingrained in the school’s methodology. This is done through a series of drama based workshops and implementation-support sessions for Early Years (Pre-primary) Teachers.

Overall Objectives:

  • Use drama to enhance playfulness, creativity and imagination
  • Give teachers ownership of drama tools and methodologies through which to deliver their curriculum
  • Equip teachers with rituals to maintain and enhance a safe space environment
  • Share positive approaches to classroom management through drama
  • Plan lessons using Drama, Movement and the Arts to maximise learning Opportunities
  • Design journeys of investigation that can lead to the learners creating presentations and sharings for their parents. 

Teacher Development:

  • Find creative approaches to learning
  • Be an open and engaging facilitator
  • Bring self-expressiveness and personal presence into the classroom
  • Explore multiple ways to connect to diverse learners and learning styles
  • Manage energy in the class
  • Self Reflection Tools to enhance your teaching skills

Using Drama For Learning in the Primary

The primary years lay the foundations of a child’s growth as a healthy and positive individual. Teaching and learning through drama adds value to this process as ‘learning’ happens by ‘doing’.

Our workshops and programmes provide the Primary Department of the School with drama-based methods to be used by the Primary Teachers to enhance embodied and experiential learning. Learners experience drama in every class, in every subject, as a method and practice used by their different teachers across the timetable.

The programme works with the school coordinators and curriculum teams to provide the toolkit, assist with adaptation to the curriculum across grades 1-5, and give the department assessment processes that clearly demonstrate 21st century learning goals. 

Overall Objectives:

  • Engage with the curriculum through experiential learning
  • Experience drama activities in multiple classes which helps develop 21st century learning skills  
  • Develop personal skills in line with the School’s Values or Learner Profiles
  • Integrate the curriculum using drama methods and techniques hence making it more engaging for the learners
  • Develop assessment tools to demonstrate development of the learners in line with Primary School curriculum requirements
  • Culminating outcomes to showcase in learner portfolios or in performances

Teacher Development:

  • Adapt Drama based Methods and strategies in all subjects to enhance learning
  • Bring Innovative teaching methods into the classroom to make learning engaging
  • Develop5 a wider range of skills and techniques for classroom management
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how learning happens in a differentiated classroom
  • Engage in Self Reflection

Drama and Theatre Arts in the Middle and High School

Middle School years are a critical stage in the learner’s academic, social and emotional development. Learners who take drama at this stage perform better academically, develop a better understanding of self and demonstrate improved emotional and behaviour regulation as they negotiate pre-teen years. This is in addition to further developing creativity, confidence, communication, collaborative and critical thinking skills.

Offering Theatre Arts or Drama as a High school exam subject allows your learners to opt for a broader range of curriculum choices, and is ideal for students hoping to pursue a career in the creative industries, or as a subject that provides a rounding out of their academic profile – that is looked on very positively for most international college admissions.

Our Consultancy Programs assists the school with mentoring their Drama teacher, providing a curriculum that is integrated and designed for the different boards (National Curriculum Boards, IB and IGCSE).

Annual Days

Theatre Professionals Education executes Annual Days for schools from start to finish. Annual days not only serve as a platform to display the learner’s talents through the performance arts but are also an opportunity to intersperse their learning and give it a unique expression for their parents and close ones to witness. 

We bespoke the complete Annual Day experience for your school right from scripting, costumes and production design and direction. We present the shows in different formats – from the grand show in the school grounds to intimate performances in areas of the school. 

The themes are chosen in discussion with the school and have in the past been based in literature, history, mythology, science, political events, social issues, environmental awareness, topics inculcating social responsibility, life skills and artistic skills.

Theatre Professionals Education creates Annual Days that involve every student and take the entire school on a fun filled journey. Our highly skilled directors, choreographers, writers and designers work with your school to create an annual day which Celebrate your learners, Empower the teachers, Delight your parents and make your school shine!

“Original, pioneering processes and allowing the children to express themselves in a manner that they enjoy is what Theatre Professionals Education brings to a school.”

  • Fatima Agarkar, School Director

Partner with us to transform your school through drama