Gems from the 13th TAISI Leadership Conference, 27-29 September, 2018

TAISI, The Association of International Schools in India every year hosts a conference that is truly about knowledge sharing, best practices, and learning from the world. More than any other conference, the networking and pitching is minimal, and the conversations and workshops are maximum. This initiative, lead by some of the leading international schools in the country, and helmed by the inspiring Anu Moga and powered by Shibani Muralidhar has been a great source of knowledge and enrichment to the way we design our work.

Every year there have been multiple introductions to new ideas, and global trends in education, while there were many for Jehan Manekshaw, our director and co-founder, this year, the gems from this year were discovering these.

Gem #1

Dr. Tony Wagner is mind-blowingly clear on the key skills of the new workforce, and its not what you think. 7 Survival Skills that organisations look for:

Abhimanyu Basu from D.A.I.S shared this from his talk on the key to developing the 21st Century learner.

Gem #2

I discovered this man and his inspirational story from being a runaway child working as a ragpicker, to an internationally travelled and exhibited photographer and photography teacher, if that is not astounding enough, what he has done with his luck and fortune, Vicky Roy.

Gem # 3

Was about Sudbury school – A mindblowing school, in which the leadership of the school has entirely dissolved into the hands of the students who go there. I don’t think schools in India are anywhere near this kind of amazing autonomy, but this is a good direction to head, and there are many ideas that could inspire us from now.

Gem #4:

Keynote speaker Graham Brown, telling us about the education dystopia we currently exist in, and sharing in what direction utopia may lie (but he never forgot to tell us that we may be entirely too late). The TAISI talk wasn’t availiable, but I did get this, and you can heare a lot of his insightful views here