Drama Time with TSLP

This is our extra-curricular space for Drama Workshops for Children across age groups. Our team of Drama Educators deliver online workshops that get children thinking on their feet. This is a space for imagination, inspiration and learning while having fun! With the winning combination of drama, stories, poetry and puppets, these workshops will help your kids step into the world of fun and learning all mixed in one. What sets us apart is that we engage with small groups and are able to offer one-on-one attention to your young one to ensure that instruction and creation are seamlessly integrated into your child having a great experience.

Our themes so far…

Roald Dahl

These workshops are based on the wonderful stories and poems of Roald Dahl. The Participants will have fun creating their own villainous characters, poems and explore the twisted tales of Roald Dahl using theatre games, object puppetry and puppetry.

Dr Seuss

Interactive workshops based on everyone’s favourite Seuss stories. Seuss has never failed to excite our imagination so won’t these sessions. Young participants will work with their bodies and voices to create pure magic. They will be sensitised to the environment and the amazing creatures with whom we share this planet.

Drama Trunk

The Drama Trunk workshops open a trunk full of goodies for children aged 5-13 with drama workshops based on Stories, Characters, Object Theatre and Improvisation.

Drama Trunk Festive Series

The Drama Trunk Series brings in the festive season with a series of three interactive workshops to engage children aged 5-13. In keeping with the festive theme it is based folktales, folklore and fun

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