Drama for Learning Certification

Engage with Drama. Teach with Joy.

Using simple Drama-based games and tools to teach learners of all ages

The Online Drama for Learning Certification is a series of three interactive sessions where participants will be introduced to a number of drama tools and methods. Together, we will brainstorm and explore the many ways that one can adapt these to their daily lessons. There will be opportunities to build and reflect on these and plan lessons for your online classes to ensure that your learners are engaged effectively.

Course Outline

Social Emotional Learning through Drama

In this session, you will explore yourself and introspect to feel Inspired and in turn, inspire your learners. This workshop is aimed at bringing out the creative and empathetic side of you.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand Social Emotional Learning and its application
  • Energise and look at yourself in a holistic way
  • Create a healthy space for reflection and growth

Effective Teaching Through Drama Tools

In this workshop you will engage with some interactive Drama-based exercises and strategies that make online lessons engaging for learners. These are tools that you can adapt and take into your online classes almost immediately.

In this workshop you will:

  • Improve Facilitator presence on screen
  • Learn Tune Ins, Energisers and Transition Activities that make online lessons engaging
  • Build 21st Century learning skills into online lessons.

Application of Drama Strategies

This session will focus on tools that will be useful especially for older learners by taking them on journeys of investigation that allow them to go deeper into characters and content.

In this workshop you will:

  • Build on Peer sharing methods to encourage Learner agency
  • Understand the use of stimuli to begin a journey of investigation
  • Ways to make Drama Based learning visible.

Easily Adaptable

You can adapt these tools to teach any subject, to all age groups


You will be on your feet and have a great time learning important strategies for your classes

Interactive and Reflective

You will be able to engage with the specialist to seek responses, feedback and clarify doubts

Small size

The maximum intake is 30 participants so register early to save your spot

Self Reflection and Personal Growth

There will be OPTIONAL tasks and homework and you will receive feedback from the Drama Specialist.

Get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

Prachi Koppikar | +91 97690 88514


When we came across the Using Drama for Learning Program run by Theatre Professionals which was incorporating the drama expression through various curriculum frameworks, and through various subjects, we thought it’s an ideal fit for us where our children will learn how to express themselves and at the same time they will not lose on time which is a constraint for every school while we deliver the curriculum.

Vandana Arora
Nahar International School, Mumbai

Thank you so much for the training session…I really enjoyed and learnt lots from it. This is quite refreshing. It was the most interesting and inspiring workshop! I didn’t only enjoy it but have tried to practice it too.

Shompa Chakravarty
Sunbeam School, Varanasi

I liked the Chota Bean and Name and Sound activities the most as young learners want kinesthetic exercises which I have learnt via this workshop and can try in the virtual sessions which will help the teacher to sustain the interest of the learners.

Kushboo Chahar
Sarvankash Vidya Mandir, Ratnagiri

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