“Creativity in education is as important as literacy, and we need to give it the same status”

Sir Ken Robinson, National Education Policy Maker

If you want to teach english literacy, the medium of instruction in your school is english. If you want to skill students with the capacity for creativity to the same level, the medium of instruction in the school needs to be creative. Drama speaks the language of creativity, and schools and their staff can be empowered with its tools and methods.

Our experience over the last 10 years with over 1000 teachers and 30+ schools, has proved that drama based methods are highly transferable and of great value to the educators who use them and bring about long lasting transformations to the learners who experience them. Our programmes are designed to permanently embed the capability for deploying drama based learning methods as a regular and ongoing part of the schools teaching and learning practices.

Creative play through drama in the Pre-primary

At this stage of a child’s life, active imagination, play, and creativity are the key drivers of learning. This program works with teachers and coordinators to maximize these three elements in their practice. In addition the program provides the department strategies to ensure these practices are firmly ingrained in the school’s methodology. This is done through series of drama based workshops and implementation-support sessions for Early Years (Pre-primary) Teachers.

Overall Objectives:

  • Use drama with the early years teachers to enhance their playfulness, creativity and imagination
  • Give teachers ownership of drama activities and methodologies through which to deliver the early years curriculum
  • Equip teachers with rituals to maintain and enhance the drama safe space
  • Provide positive approaches to classroom management through drama
  • Provide teachers with themes and ideas that learners can explore and present to parents

Teacher Development:

  • Being an open and engaging facilitator, connecting through play and imagination
  • Finding creative approaches to learning
  • Exploring multiple ways to connect to diverse learners and learning styles
  • Bringing self-expressiveness and personal presence into the classroom
  • Managing energy in the class
  • Self inspection & Reflection

Additional Deliverables:

  • Resources for Drama, movement and language exercises for maximising learning opportunities in the pre-primary space
  • Texts, exemplars, exercises that can be adapted for immediate application
  • Observations and feedback sessions for teachers in practice to facilitate implementation