Sayali Indulkar

Sayali Indulkar is a Mumbai-based theatre practitioner, who started her journey in education with Theatre Professionals in 2016. This is her third year working as a theatre facilitator for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and IGCSE Drama Activity group at  Hill Springs International School, Mumbai

She holds a BFA in Theatre Design and Production and a MA in Theatre Literature and Criticism from University of Central Missouri, USA. She began her journey as a theatre maker in her high school theatre group Veethee, V. G. Vaze (Kelkar) college, Mumbai.

She works as a creative advisor, production manager, designer and director on various independent Performing Arts projects based in Mumbai and Delhi. Currently, she is co-designing workshops for Aadyam Theatre 2018, a Aditya Birla Initiative. She says, “I do theatre because I love telling stories.”  She enjoys collaborating and devising a performance for stage that tells the ensemble story and inspire new learners.