We offer a comprehensive K-12 strategy with the singular goal of permanently embedding drama based learning in your school.

What is Drama Based Learning?

Drama Based Learning takes tools and strategies from Drama and Theatre based Practices and adapts them to your School curriculum to make learning more experiential and embodied.

Drama Based Learning is designed for homeroom and subject teachers to use in their classrooms.

This is an area where transdisciplinary learning can take place and integrate all subjects.

Drama Based Learning methods lends itself to the Blended Learning space – Online and Offline.

Drama Based Learning allows for Social-Emotional Learning explorations in an accessible way.




Drama based activities maximise imagination, creativity and playfulness as pedagogical tools for learning in the Pre-primary. Drama for learning allows teachers to create engagements in which younger learners stay immersed. It enables teachers with rituals to maintain the Drama safe space

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Drama Based Learning encourages inquiry and integration across subjects and themes. These workshops allow Primary teachers to meet all the 21st-century learning goals. They enable teachers to adapt to any situation and hone the skills of empathy and collaboration within their learners, to optimise Blended Learning.

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Middle & High School

Drama Based Learning focuses on investigation, critical questioning and debating skills. It provides space for collaboration and the creation of healthy peer learning environments. Drama tools and exercises deepen knowledge and understanding of topics being studied and analysed.

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Annual Days

Process based Annual Days are a showcase of a child’s learning journey and an opportunity to share the child’s progress through the Arts. Annual days allow the whole school and all its stakeholders to participate in the creative process. It allows for collaboration, a display of innovative expression and a unique sense of bonding for all involved.

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Online Drama Based Workshops


Power of Play
in the Pre-Primary


Play, Imagination and Movement form the bedrock on which the Pre-Primary learner thrives. Through this workshop, teachers will engage with Drama Based Learning tools that will help them achieve these goals and engage with their young learners in the online medium.


Effective Teaching Through Drama Tools for Primary Teachers

This workshop will help the participants develop Innovative Facilitation Skills. They will engage with interactive Drama-based exercises and strategies that include tune-ins/ energisers, main engagements and reflection activities. These are tools that educators can adapt to their curriculum and take into their classes immediately.


Drama Methods and Applications for Senior School Teachers

This workshop looks at structures and designs of units and lessons that allow educators to take their learners on journeys of investigation. The exercises and tools encourage for deeper explorations of curriculum content and characters. The exercises include the Use of Stimuli as starting points, Creating tableaux (Image Work using our bodies) and Character hot – seating.


Online Drama for Learning Certification


The Online Drama for Learning Certification is a series of three interactive workshops where the teachers will be introduced to a number of Drama tools and methods. Together, we will brainstorm and explore the many ways that one can adapt these to online lessons and the school curriculum. There will be opportunities to build and reflect on these to ensure that the learners are engaged effectively.

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