Drama Consultancy


Over the years schools have begun to recognise the need for Drama and Theatre as a subject.

Our curriculum support program allows for schools to improve and formally train their Drama and Theatre teachers to provide world class theatre programs for schools.

We offer curriculum support for K-12 Theatre teachers. We also offer support for IB and IGCSE Theatre Departments.


Our Drama Curriculum has been developed and designed over the years by a collective of experienced Drama Educators. 

The curriculum for each grade includes: 

  • Upto 5 Units of teaching per grade

  • Lesson plans for each unit

  • Handouts and resource materials required by the teacher for each lesson.

  • Assessments for each unit to be assessed as formative and summative assessments.


  • We  handhold teachers through one on one support calls

  • We  provide in person support through observations and feedback.

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