Shaizia Jifri Manekshaw

Shaizia has taught Drama for over 13 years, first working as a drama teacher with children at International Schools (IB and IGCSE) and national curriculum schools (CBSE and State Board) here in India. As her practice evolved with experience and training she moved into teacher training and has since extensively worked to train school teachers and drama educators for many years. Her work has covered; working with multiple age groups, a range of socio-economic environments, and designing training engagements for different teaching aims and outcomes.

Her own training and professional development have been ongoing throughout her career, with specialist training by many experts from both India and across the globe in the field of theatre in education.

In addition, she has also taught students of the Drama School Mumbai an exposure course on Art Beyond Theatre, worked as a puppeteer, and worked as a visual artist.

With the pandemic her work quickly adapted to delivering teacher training modules that helped teachers use adapted drama in education techniques in the virtual learning environment, working with teenagers on effective communication, and teaching and designing drama programmes for execution in the online space for children of various age groups. Additionally, she has been invited to advocate the values of drama being more widely adopted in the education system as a speaker at multiple online seminars on education.

Most recently, she has been commissioned to conduct a feasibility study and develop a program to take arts-based learning to rural and lower-income areas of India, through engaging with government school systems, and other large non-profit educational partners working at scale.